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Dept Phone: 
Dept Mailing Address: 

Highway Superintendent
PO Box 427
Cooperstown, ND 58425-0427

Department Info: 
The Griggs County Highway Department supervises new construction and maintains all County highways including removing snow and ice, mowing, patching, and replacing signs. The Highway Department is in charge of various preparatory stages of construction including the acquisition of right-of-way, survey and design requirements, and the letting of contracts in addition to the actual supervision of construction. The Department also maintains all bridges on Griggs County roads and township roads that are not part of the State or City Highway System, and the Highway Superintendent is available for advice and help in the design and construction of drainage structures on the township roads. The Superintendent is also responsible for preparing the specifications of any advertised bids dealing with the highway equipment or construction.

Road Statistics

Griggs County’s highway system includes 242 miles of paved and aggregate surfaced roadways.

Weight Limits

All county roads have a maximum weight limit of 80,000 lbs, unless a permit is acquired.  For a permit contact the Griggs County Road Department (701) 797-3420.

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